Executive Pastry Chef

Esthetics and genuine excellent taste goes hand in hand’

As a true pastry chef, Bilal Bajouk believes that the dessert is the high light of every meal. “A meal is not complete without it”. Being brought up in a family of professional bakers and pastry chefs, the art of pastry design and baking early became a natural part of Bilal life. Something that later grew into his true passion. This passion has taken Bilal to luxury hotels all over the world, Dubai, France, Lebanon, Tanzania and Djibouti, where he has learned the detailed art of making pastry beyond the guests imagination. 


Bilal enjoys mixing traditional knowledge and ways of preparation, with new and fresh recepies and ideas. Developing something new from a traditional dessert, adding a personal touch of flavour and elegance. Having particular training and knowledge in Arabic sweets, chocolate making, French bakery and ice cream, he is able to create dishes suitable for anyone at any occasion. Bilal works solely from the principle that a dessert is not made to purely satisfy the taste buds. To reach true perfection it also needs to be visually appealing to the guest. Esthetic and genuine excellent taste goes hand in hand when it comes to the art of creating desserts.